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Powerful Social Media Management for Business

Our integrated approach is tailored to suit teams of all sizes.


Strategic campaigns evolve.

By focusing creative storytelling with precise data analytics, we deliver your most effective message to the most receptive audience, and optimize success in real time. From first impression, to conversion, to close, we drive direct response social marketing that guarantees you high-value customers and clear ROI.


Talklaunch has roots in the very beginning of Facebook advertising. Which means we’re good – real good. We target high-value customers and lower costs, which translates into better return on investment for your company.

Whether you are focusing on branding, e-commerce, lead generation or app installs, Facebook now has over 100 different targeting options to engage a supremely qualified audience.

The insights and results from Facebook advertising campaign are staggering. A successful advertising campaign requires vigilant upkeep to adapt to the nuance and opportunity in your target audience.

Choosing Talklaunch as your Facebook Advertising partner ensures the best return on your advertising budget.


Instagram advertising gives brands a unique opportunity to tie creative visual storytelling directly to conversion goals.

Instagram is a seamless extension to your existing social media ad-strategy.

With the ability to increase scale and apply Facebook’s laser-sharp audience targeting, your business can now reach some of the most elusive niche opportunities.


Twitter is where consumers generally go for breaking news or to talk about what’s happening around them.

Stay ahead of the curve on Twitter’s advertising platform and turn 140 characters into more conversions, installs, and leads.

Twitter’s own research shows that the most effective ads use images or videos, or are relatively short — fewer than 100 characters.

Twitter advertising folds naturally into your content marketing efforts.


B2B companies benefit greatly from LinkedIn Advertising

Unlike with search advertising, LinkedIn ads are not based on a keyword, rather specific information within users profiles.

LinkedIn ads can be targeted to users by the data provided in their profile, specifically company size, company name, job title, group name, skill, industry, location, age, and gender.

LinkedIn provides interesting targeting opportunities for mid to upper level management and executives.


Human attention is the highest valued commodity.

We explore your unique positioning, mission, and business culture, to research content that resonates with your audience. From photo shoots and video, to audio and article writing – we dial it in. We leverage your authority everyday.

Talklaunch integrates your history of success with today’s most effective social media platforms. Data and experience drive our decisions. Together we identify your target audience, content strategy, and publishing tactics. We outline and execute best practices. We develop measures of success and take action.

Your campaign will focus in on audience engagement and influencer support.

We look for opportunities to give your customers behind the scenes access to your business by creating videos and live-streaming events to give your audience a fleshed out personality of the brand.

Openness goes a long way in social media. It’s a big part of building trust with your community. Target, engage, convert, and nurture your audience to create raving, ecstatic, super fans.


It seems obvious, and yet many brands using social media don’t actually socialize on-line with their followers

Social media is about relationships. Determine your voice and tone; get out there and use it.

Let your culture be your guide.

There are 2 elements to social engagement:

  1. Response to users mentions, questions, comments, and messages.
  2. Outreach to influencers, by keyword, and audience ambassadors.

By analyzing sentiments and social conversations, you can collect data on how your audience reacts to it and engages with specific content.

The data you gather from this research will offer valuable insights to feed your content marketing strategy.

Content without engagement is lifeless. Give your audience what they want: something to share and speedy response.

Amplify your online footprint. Create content to target a digital-savvy demographic. Attract new prospects. Close more deals.