CUSTOMER ACQUISITION - Smart Media, Marketing, and Sales

Demand Generation

Mapping your customer’s journey from discovery to referral will set forth a road map of success, tactics, and accountability.



Lead attraction begins with online research your ideal customers and create their buyer personas. These personas are the foundation on which your web presence is built. With respect to this audience you publish content of exceptional value to them. Blogging, ebooks, videos, tip-sheets, are the foundation of quality search engine optimization. Attracting buyer prospects with online content creates a strong authority and influence.

Qualifying buyer prospects with social media gives you unparalleled audience segmentation and testing opportunities.


Attract website visitors and social prospects into leads by delivering them highly valuable content in exchange for their contact information. By optimizing your website with a well-planned user experience and populating it with relevant and valuable content, we help convert more of your traffic (and higher quality traffic) into sales-ready leads. Often these leads begin with a name an email as entry point to your marketing automation. Marketing automation delivers the content (as promised) and converts prospects to red-hot leads. No more tire-kickers, these folks are ripe to be closed.


Traditionally, lead nurturing has meant email and marketing automation—newsletters, drip notifications, and subscription updates. With the combined power of marketing automation, retargeting and content management tools, our approach to nurturing is increasingly more personalized and sophisticated. In our integrated campaigns, we personalize messaging in a variety of situations: in the prospect’s inbox, as they visit website pages, when they engage on social media, and when reading published articles.


A strong closing strategy begins with efficient transfer of leads from marketing to sales channels. Often this transition is seamless and occurs on the website, landing page, or shopping cart – think eCommerce. Some instances require a more sophisticated handoff. Using analytics and qualification data, we build lead automation to organize and set priorities for the sales team.


Analysis of your attraction, conversion, nurturing, and closing efforts are essential to continued growth. By linking key performance indicators (KPIs) to revenue objectives, we continually assess how an inbound plan is working.

From search engine optimization to how well a specific content piece generates leads, marketers can assess marketing quality and sales-generation quantity at every stage. No more estimating the value of an ad: with inbound, you know the business impact of every single move you make.


After the close we nurture your customer relationships and actively engage them to bolster your brand’s community.

Delighting your clients and customers presents new opportunities:

  • up-sell
  • add-on
  • referral
  • repeat business


Competitive Edge

Create a continuous pathway for leads to travel to ensure they stay the course, close, and repeat.

The Path

Playbook – strategy and resource

Action Plan – tactics and tasks

Reporting – adaptation matrix

Talklaunch Client Success Directors integrate your history of success with data-tested, innovative techniques that are relevant to today’s online business climate.

The Result

Radically increased revenue.

Your inbound marketing strategy is only as strong as the people you choose to execute it. Our designers, writers, SEO specialists, social media experts, web developers have acquired years of technical experience.

At Talklaunch creating content and pin-point targeting for your inbound marketing is our specialty. Our reputation is exceptional and our talent is top-tier. Talklaunch is an agile agency by design. We take on clients we believe in.