Om Suthar – Founder / CEO

Start saving with each step.

SQRL is a new way to invest in your physical and financial well being, first thing each morning.

Stepping into savings.

What makes you especially qualified to run this business? 

I grew up watching my parents grow their small business. As a design professional working in the financial industry, I have a deep understanding of the kind of stress money causes in our lives. I believe my user centric focus gives me a unique advantage in building experiences that are valuable to individuals, employers and society. 

Who is your ideal customer? How do you find them? 

The small business owner that wants to make holistic wellness a part of their culture but has been priced out by their insurance plan. I partner with our local community networks such as the chamber of commerce to connect with employers on a personal level. 

What KPIs are important to your businesses health right now? 
Growing a healthy pipeline of customers for our workplace wellness program. Making sure the app is actually motivating people to get and stay physically active. To help folks save $1000 within a year. And finally to help people record and understand how they can foster their own happiness and what a profound impact that happiness has holistically on their physical and financial health. 

Book recommendation: The Brand Flip

Favorite philosopher: Constantin Brancusi

Favorite quote: “It’s easier to fool someone than to convince them, they’ve been fooled.”

A CEO you follow: Satya Nadella

Favorite documentary: The Century of Self

Favorite artwork: Camillo Pardo

Favorite music:Amê

What would your last meal be? Jalapeno Flan

What is the meaning of life? This is the wrong question. It’s not what or why, but how. How is the one thing we get to determine.

What is your situation? (married, single, kids…) I’m married, I’ve got an amazing 20 month old son with an incredibly supportive wife that allows me to invest time in SQRL.

What advice would you give your 20 y/o self? A salaried income is the most addictive drug on the planet.

What do you have left to do? Everything I can, everyday I can with all the time I have.

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