Eileen Mendel – Founder

Entrepreneur & Leadership Consulting 

Does it feel like your business and life are out of control? 
Are you spinning your wheels, but not getting anywhere?
Maybe you’re overwhelmed with work, yet it’s not getting results, regardless of how much sweat equity you put in.
You are NOT Alone!

Many times an entrepreneur or business leader has a vision but cannot translate that dream into a flourishing business due to lack of knowledge and experience. This leads to expensive loss of valuable time and money. No one wants to have to take major steps backwards if they can avoid it.

Eileen guides influential business leaders who want to build profitable high growth businesses, live an abundant lifestyle and contribute to humanity on a daily basis. Leaders need support, motivation, and accountability to make breakthrough achievements beyond their current comfort zone. With the right support at hand, their goals will be accomplished much faster, more confidently, and with greater impact.

Eileen will identify your best course of action to keep gaining momentum and avoid wasting your resources!


What makes me qualified is over 30 years of experience working in business and with other businesses–both large and small.

My ideal customer is a company or practice that has unlimited growth potential.  Ideally, they are growing rapidly already,  have products or services generating several million in revenues and high profit margins.  Management must be open to shifting their mindset and operations to accommodate their growth.  I prefer that these companies find me.  I use social media regularly, my podcasts, and affiliate programs.

I look for committed customers who want to work with me long term and are willing to refer me to others, this decreases my marketing costs.  Also, I constantly hone my messages to attract the most qualified clientele so that my close rate gets progressively better and I am not wasting time putting out proposals that don’t get signed off.  I bring in outside contractors as needed to cut costs.  I also constantly evaluate my software and apps to improve efficiency.

Book recommendations:  Influence by Robert Cialdini, Start with Why by Simon Sinek, The Confidence Code by Katty Kay & Claire Shipman, Outliers by Malcoolm Gladwell

Favorite philosopher is Henry David Thoreau

Favorite quote: I love many of Mark Twain’s quotes, one is “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

A CEO I follow: I don’t follow a single CEO, I read about the CEOs of the past like Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Steve Jobs that have revolutionized our lives.

Favorite documentary: Freda Kalo 

Favorite artwork: I like the Impressionists such as Renoir or Henri Matisse

Favorite Music: I like Jazz as well as Country

My last meal: I like Filet Mignon and Lobster

The meaning of life is about living your purpose, having great friends, and being authentic and true to yourself.

I am currently single.  I have been married twice.

The advice I’d give to my 20y/o self would be to not care so much about pleasing others

There is always something more to do–write books, produce a film, continue to travel the world, grow my business internationally, and more.

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