Haught Codeworks

Marty Haught – CEO / Technical Lead

We are your mobile and web developer partners who specialize in rapid prototyping, minimal viable product creation, project rescues, and developer mentorship.

CEO / Technical Lead

What makes you especially qualified to run this business?
I’ve been in the software industry for 21 years and have seen the good and the bad on how software is built, especially around early stage products.  After each project, we make notes about what worked and what didn’t.  We use that to continue to refine our approach.
Who is your ideal customer? How will you find them?
Early stage entrepreneurs or product companies with an emerging software product.  I typically meet our customers through networking or introductions.
What KPIs are important to your businesses health right now?
Prospective projects and percentage of billable hours for the team.
Favorite documentary: Chef’s Table
Favorite music:
I love many genres of music.  I grew up with the most affinity for rock and metal and still enjoy it today.  While working, I’ll often listen to classical music such as Beethoven or Mozart as well as more modern genres such as chillstep.
What would your last meal be?
An Italian feast served at a Tuscan farm.
What is the meaning of life?
 Experience the wonders of this world and spread light and love in what you do.
What is your situation? (married, single, kids…)
Married with children, one of which is now in college.
What advice would you give your 20 y/o self?
 Assuming I’d listen, I’d say be intentional about your life and don’t let it just happen to you.  Don’t let fear damper your spirits and douse your dreams.  It’s okay to take some risks, especially while you’re young. 
What do you have left to do?
 I don’t have anything specific on my list but I still have a lot of life left to live.

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