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Elizabeth Engen – Founder

Elizabeth Engen has been marketing online for 15 years. She started as an affiliate marketer (promoting other people’s products and services) and enjoyed the challenge of learning new things. She realized the same SEO techniques that are used to do affiliate marketing are also used to promote any business online. There is a genuine passion for helping businesses win online for her.

“Our #1 goal is your success; we specialize in bringing new customers to your business. I am passionate about helping companies thrive after my father’s franchise business failed in a demographic region that dried up.”


Who is an ideal cohort for your company? 
Primary clients are doctors and attorneys wanting to triple their client base.
What is your MRR? 
Generally $500k – $850k monthly.
What does scaling look like for you?
In terms of SEO it’s quantum leaps – not uncommon to 3x to 10x business for clients.
How many employees? 19 right now
How do your engagements with clients typically end? Clients are happy – give plenty of referrals, Many decide to continue work ongoing, with e-commerce clients (and others) want to rank for additional keywords.
Any new projects to mention? 
New Google My Business Branding Service: builds your brand, when people research your brand they have more information, GMB posting service and knowledge graph info; newest case study in 1 month performing this service our client increased their organic listings +24% and increased their maps listings +18% whereas prior to the service the local business had been stagnant for 2 years.
Favorite quote: Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. Albert Einstein
A CEO you follow: John Assaraf, first a mentor and now a personal friend after being on his show.
Favorite documentary: The Brain That Changes Itself (neuroplasticity).
Favorite music: Rock and Roll
What would your last meal be? Protein Shake (daily breakfast)
What is the meaning of life? To grow and expand as much as we can and to love.
What is your situation? 2 kids 25 and 15
What do you have left to do? Make many more friends, help heal the world.

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