Not A Problem Game

Kim McGrigg – Founder

w/ Ryan Estes

produced by Colin Martin

Not a Problem! Origin story

My friends and I love to play games, drink wine, and eat peanut M&Ms. We got a little tired of our old standby game and wanted to add a new one to the mix. We tried several disappointing games before I got fed up and told my friends that I could create something better. And that’s just what I did.

Kim McGrigg


Book recommendation: 
Anything by David Sedaris
Favorite philosopher: 
The fact that I was about to Google “famous philosophers” should tell you that am not deep enough to have a favorite
Favorite quote: 
Shit could be worse.  Comparison is the thief of joy.
A CEO you follow: 
Mark Cuban
Favorite documentary: 
Notes on Blindness
Favorite artwork: 
I prefer windows to artwork. Colorado is painfully beautiful.
Favorite music: 
Anything with a beat that makes me want to move. My jogging mix is all over the place jumping from Johnny Cash to Flo Rida to Earth, Wind & Fire.
What would your last meal be? 
A Santiago’s breakfast burrito and a nice Pinot Noir.
What is the meaning of life? 
If I knew the answer, I would be your favorite philosopher! 
What is your situation? (married, single, kids…) 
Married for 23 years and counting. 2 teenagers. 
What advice would you give your 20 y/o self? 
Buy Apple stock!
What do you have left to do? 
I’ve never seen the Sound of Music or visited Mount Rushmore. Maybe I’ll take a road trip Mount Rushmore this weekend and watch the movie in the hotel!

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