Denver Food Rescue


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Denver Food Rescue’s mission is to increase health equity in Denver, CO by reducing barriers to fresh, healthy food in low-income and food deserts communities.

  • 180 Volunteer bicyclists
  • 15,000 annual volunteer hours

Fresh Food Connect utilizes technology to solve two problems — excess garden produce, and food insecurity. If you have extra produce, you can schedule pickups via the FFC web-app. The FFC team will pick up the produce on bicycles and then distribute it in local neighborhoods facing food insecurity.

Goodness Groceries – Only online food delivery service that members can use their SNAP cards.

Turner Wyatt – Founder

Book recommendation: Change Here Now by Adam Brock, a book about social permaculture by a local food activist and friend.
Favorite philosopher: Alan Watts, who’s great to listen to or read.
A CEO you follow: Kathy Underhill, Hunger Free Colorado. She is a visionary and a long-term, big-picture thinker who somehow still manages to do amazing things short term. She’s also hilarious!
Favorite documentary:  What the Bleep Do We Know, an oldie but a goodie
Favorite artwork: I try to surround myself  with art made by my friends. I am lucky enough to have so many talented friends who make incredible artwork, which I have in my office and almost every room of my house. A few of my favorites: John Knudson, Hayley Dixon, Tony Zellaha.
Favorite music: Same goes for music! All my friends are randomly super talented musicians, and I try to support them as much as possible. Check out Natalie Tate, Laura Goldhammer, Yousif Yaseen.
What would your last meal be? Probably tacos made by my mom.
What is the meaning of life? Folly following.
What is your situation? Single
What advice would you give your 20 y/o self? – “Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want me to find out about” – My father. And to think very critically about how I am investing my time.
What do you have left to do? – I still want to be involved in the creation of a restaurant, and would love to see how I could get involved in the music industry.
How would you use an additional $5,000 in your business? – With $5,000 we could get everything we need to start a new No Cost Grocery Program, which would serve about 1,000 people over the course of a year and could provide more than $33,000 worth of food.
$50,000? – We would be able to hire two part time Volunteer Coordinators, the next big staff move we need to make to continue to expand. Right now we’re limited to about 15 No Cost Grocery Programs, with this staff move we could more than double that.

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