7 Facebook and Instagram Retargeting Campaigns You Can Use Right Now

An intro to Facebook / Instagram Retargeting and 7 crucial campaigns you can use right now to dramatically increase your revenue. 


What is retargeting?

Facebook collects massive amounts of user data (duh), this allows marketers a superb ability for personalization and segmentation. Retargeting however has almost nothing to do with Facebook’s user data.

Rather, retargeting for Facebook and Instagram is a method for delivering advertisements to an audience that has already been to your website. This audience – people who have already been to your website – is whom we are creating our messaging for.


What does this mean?

It means you can safely assume the audience has at least a vague understanding of your product, service, goods or software.
I know what you’re thinking… “vague understanding” doesn’t sound very compelling – and you’re right, it’s not. But it is an absolute must-have first step in designing your customer journey. Retargeting is often your second step – one step closer to sale.

How do you do it?

To set up Facebook and Instagram retargeting you will need to install Facebook’s pixel (a small piece of code) on your website. You will also need to create Custom Audiences through Facebook’s Business Manager


Why retarget?

Warming a cold audience from awareness to purchase is what retargeting is all about. The best converting websites boast a 10% conversion rate. But even then, they’re leaving 90% of prospective business on the table. Retargeting gives us the opportunity to get back in front of an informed audience; strengthening our chance to close a sale.


Audience Segment: Who are you talking to?

The traffic you are targeting with your ads has already been to your website. We will explore how to segment them into even smaller groups.

Content: How are you winning their attention?

Images, image gallery, and image carousel are your go-to content for Facebook ads. You will use them all the time. If you need some pics, here’s a bank of free images you can use for Facebook advertising. (You’re welcome.) Remember to adhere to Facebook’s 20% rule, and you’re golden. Below we have recommended Video and Canvas content because they have their own retargeting capabilities.

You mean you’re retargeting an retargeted audience?    Yeah buddy, and it just gets deeper.

Conversion (Lead generation) How will you reach them again? 

Conversion goals differ. Your ads should be designed for a specific conversion intention. Conversion goals should include:

  3. Clickthrough
  4. Video view
  5. And (the #1 conversion for red-hot leads) Email capture.

Alrighty? Ready ready? Let’s dive into these retargeting campaigns for Facebook and Instagram.

1. Retarget all website visitors.

This is the cornerstone of all retargeting campaigns. To capitalize on your sales opportunities, you must be retargeting actively with Facebook and Instagram.

Think of retargeting like a $100 bill on the ground – would you stop to pick it up?

Now think of a regular Facebook post like a quarter on the ground.

If you’re posting to Facebook, and not retargeting, you’re stepping over a $100 bill to pick up a quarter. Get it? “Boosting Posts” is not a viable social media strategy.

(One more time for emphasis.) You must be retargeting website visitors actively with Facebook and Instagram.

Here are the top qualifiers for website retargeting:

a. Have been to your site within a certain time (up to 356 days)

b. Website visitors of a certain loyalty (according to time spent on your site — Top 5%, 10% and 25%)

2. Retarget specific website pages.

For eCommerce this is a no brainer. Each product page must have it’s own standard event pixel to adequately segment the interested audience. If your prospect has made it to a product page and added the product to their shopping cart, they’re one click away from purchase.

So close to sale! And still, prospects bounce better than 70% of the time

Get back in front of them – give yourself the another chance to close the sale. Facebook Dynamic Retargeting Ads give you the opportunity to set an ad the specific product your prospect was viewing.

  • Ever had a product from Amazon “follow” you to Facebook? That is a dynamic retargeting ad.

If the customer has already purchased? Fantastic, retarget customers with an ad to repurchase. Adding a standard event pixel to your “Thank you” page gives you this opportunity.

  • To retarget based on online purchases however, you must configure the tracking event “Buy” on the site.

3. Retarget website visitors excluding certain pages.

If you are sending an audience segment to a page with a special price or exclusive feature, it may be advantageous to exclude this segment from additional remarketing promotions.

4. Retarget to your Facebook Page audience.

Last year Facebook released a tool for retargeting a Facebook page audience. Retarget with an ad, image, link, canvas, video, or lead capture form to anyone who engaged with your page during the last year.

Retargeting is an option for users who have done the following:

  • Engaged with your page during the last year.
  • Visited your page during the last year.
  • Engaged with any post or ad during the last year.
  • Clicked any call-to-action button during the last year.
  • Sent a message to your Page during the last year.
  • Saved your Page or any post during the last year.

Armed with the understanding that this audience segment has already engaged with you on Facebook. Create retargeting ads that use open ended questions to create dialog with a known to be chatty bunch.

5. Retarget with a video.

Simply stated: video sells. According to Facebook, video ads convert to an average of 30% more sales.

Beginning last year, advertisers were able to retarget to audiences who watched a video that was uploaded or embedded on your Facebook page.

You can use the following video viewers’ retargeting options to create unique segments for viewers who watched:

  1. At least 3 seconds of your video.
  2. At least 10 seconds of your video.
  3. At least 25% of your video.
  4. At least 50% of your video.
  5. At least 75% of your video.
  6. At least 95% of your video.

Bonus: You can create “Lookalike Audiences” based off the interests and behaviors of these engaged viewers. (This is perfect for brands at launch that don’t have a large list or fan base to create Lookalike Audiences out of.)

We published an entire list of Lookalike audience options a couple weeks ago. You can find it here.

6. Retarget with a Canvas.

In Facebook’s words Canvas is a new post-click, full-screen, immersive mobile ad experience on Facebook that loads nearly instantaneously.

Canvases (Canvasi?) open from Facebook ads in News Feed to reveal a full-screen experience where advertisers can use a mix of video, still images, text and call-to-action buttons to build beautiful and effective brand and product experiences on mobile.

With Canvas, Facebook wants to discourage advertisers to link to landing pages. Facebook wants the Canvas to be the landing page. Like all new Facebook products, Facebook will reward you with reach for playing by their rules. In our experience engagement is flat with Canvas, but reach is cheap!

If your ideal customer uses Facebook on mobile greater than 50% of the time, Facebook Canvas is for you.

7. Retarget with a lead capture form.

Lead generation ads encourage an audience to submit their contact information (name and email typically) directly on Facebook or Instagram.

Lead generation ads keep users on Facebook and Instagram and collect their email.

  • This gives a sophisticated marketer the opportunity to trigger an email automation sequence based on the specific ad.
  • (Email automation requires a separate tool, we recommend Active Campaign.)

Then of course, you can retarget users who engage with the form (even abandoned forms that were not submitted).

Retarget the retargeted, segment and retarget again. 

Time to launch.

If you have a website that represents your business, you need to consistently iterate these 7 retargeting options.

In 6 years, Talklaunch has launched 50+ brands online with strategic positioning to generate leads and sales. In this time we’ve witnessed a growing change in audience behavior. People who were once eager to click a link, are now evermore hesitant. Who can blame them?

There are more options (and competition) than ever before. When marketing products, brands must adapt to address each individual prospect’s unique needs. This means customizing a brand’s message based on a prospect’s position in the sales cycle.

That’s a lot of work – we know. Planning at least 10 customer touches before the sale, gives brand’s the best return on customer acquisition cost. Your customer journey must warm a lead to close a sale. And the best way to warm a lead? Retargeting with Facebook and Instagram ads.

Use these Facebook and Instagram retargeting campaigns to dramatically improve your revenue.


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