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Welcome to Velocity with Ryan Estes.

A podcast that illuminates a meaningful worldview through business and lifestyle.

We believe building websites is a full-time job, not an on-the-side hobby.
We believe in creating jobs worth having and in the energy of a tight-knit team.
We believe profit is not the only bottom line.

We believe in establishing clear goals first.
We believe in experimentation.
We believe life is too short for cubicles.

We believe in communicating – quickly, clearly, and often.
We believe asking questions and challenging assumptions.
We believe enthusiasm is contagious.

We believe in under-promising and over-delivering.
We believe in saying “Hell yes!” or “No thank you”.
We choose to work on projects we believe in.

We believe in saying “I don’t know”, then Googling it.
We believe in error messages that make you chuckle.
We believe in big windows and bright offices.

We believe good design takes your message further.

We believe in ongoing, iterative improvement.
We believe in putting yourself out there, especially when it scares you.
We believe in audacious goals.

We believe all coffee is good coffee, even bad coffee.
We believe in second chances.
We believe in spreading good ideas.

We believe in weekly project updates.
We believe in honest feedback, even when it’s uncomfortable.
We believe in checklists.

We believe in admitting our mistakes and asking for forgiveness when we screw up.
We believe Monday can be the best day of the week.
We believe in unsubscribing from newsletters you don’t read.

We believe you can build your boat while you’re sailing it.
We believe big ideas can be conveyed in short sentences.
We believe in entrepreneurship.

We believe good design makes things simple, obvious, and convenient.
We believe in learning every day.
We believe experience is the best educator.

We believe in working to live, not living to work.
We believe in being intentional.
We believe in daily, automatic, redundant, off-site backups.

We believe in mutually beneficial partnership.
We believe in being debt-free.
We believe in taking ownership of your life.

We believe you should be running your business, not your software updates.
We believe in critical thinking and boundless optimism.
We believe in WordPress.

We believe in win-win-win solutions.

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