Born to bRUNch with Alex Weissner from Brunch Running

Alex Weissner

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bRUNch is not your typical “running club.” We are a non-competive community of runners that love to eat. Whether you are just starting to run or walk, or training for your 100th marathon, bRUNch Running is a place where you can find like-minded, passionate individuals to share your running and fitness experiences.

New to a city? Want to run your first 5K? Looking for a training/group of individuals to run with? Want to join a community to hold your fitness goals accountable? bRUNch can offer all of that.

Our mission is to empower people to make better, more informed health and wellness decisions.


Founded by Alexandra Weissner in 2013, Lexa Public Relations is one of the most respected public relations agencies in Denver.

Alexandra Weissner is an experienced public relations professional and co-founder of bRUNch Running. In her public relations career she has landed her clients in well-known print, broadcast and online media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, FOX News, 5280Denver PostThe EconomistSan Francisco Chronicle and GQ Magazine. Weissner holds a B.S. in integrated marketing communications from Northern Arizona University. She is a dreamer and loves to see brands grow to their full potential. In addition to her professional and educational background, Alexandra is a former competitive alpine skier. Her experience as an athlete has provided a solid foundation for her professional career development.


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