Put your money where your mouth is. Jeff Adams w/ Risas Dental

Jeff Adams

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Risas Dental & Braces is one of the fastest-growing dental practices in the country with four locations in Denver and 10 in Phoenix with more to come in 2017. The company’s newest location will open January 21st in north Aurora.

  • Risas Dental & Braces embraces a lifelong mission to change the way dentistry is offered in the United States, making it accessible for all regardless of insurance status or financial situation. The company believes that proper oral health and treatment is critical to overall health which is put to action by offering flexible, affordable, convenient and bilingual dental care. They’ve provided over $2.6 million in free dental care since their inception. To learn more, visit www.risasdental.com. Connect with Risas Dental on Facebook www.facebook.com/RisasDental, Twitter @RisasDental, and Instagram @RisasDental to stay up to date on news, events, and more.