When preparation meets opportunity with Patrick Rauland

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Welcome to Velocity with Ryan Estes, brought to you by the Denver Business Podcast and sponsored by talklaunch.net.

Today we have a fantastic guest, old friend of the show, Patrick Rauland. Who is a self described yoga monkey, minimalist, gamer, poly author, eCommerce, woo-commerce consultant, and Lynda author. He is highly sought after WordPress developer with a fantastic blog called speakinginbytes.com. There he’s documenting his journey to create his own courses and his path of entrepreneurship.

Here’s a quote from a YouTube video that he shared on Facebook. It’s called How to Find Fulfilling Work.

The idea of the work might be fulfilling rather than just painfully necessary is a strikingly recent invention. Open Dr. Johnson celebrated dictionary published in 1755, and the word fulfillment doesn’t even appear. Nowadays in a prosperous world, we don’t only expect to obtain money through our labor. We also to a greater or lesser extent, expect to find meaning and satisfaction. It’s a big ask, and helps to explain why so many of us has career crisis. Often on a Sunday evening, as the sun begins to set.

To help us on the quest for fulfilling work, here is six useful ideas. Firstly, accept that being confused about careers, is perfectly normal. In the pre-industrial world, there weren’t most some 2 thousand different traders out there. Nowadays, there are estimated to be half a million different options. The result, we have become so anxious about making the wrong choice, we end up making no choice at all. Psychologist call this the paradox of choice. Paralysis stemming from too many options. We should acknowledge that confusion is natural and fear entirely normal.


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