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Make it so.

Where’s the Future?

Hoverboards – The House of Tomorrow – Automatic Sliding Doors that Hiss – Whether or


Forget About It

If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development.  – Aristotle 


Neo-Historical Heuristics and You

“We are vulnerable to making ourselves stupid in order to make possibly smart machines seem

find love online

It’s Going Down, I’m Yelling Tinder

Maybe it’s the spirit of St. Valentine, or my love for Dove dark chocolate hearts?

Going Viral on Pinterest - Libbie Holmes Photography

Going Viral on Pinterest

Inbound Marketing with Pinterest A lot of business owners and marketers know that Pinterest is

Twitter Marketing Tips

Discover New Twitter Influencers

What: Build valuable brand allies on twitter You know what they say about friends, you

Emotional Analytics

Emotional Analytics and The Ham Sandwich

Marketing gurus. Businesspeople. Vegans with MBAs. Social-media bottom-feeders. Picture in your mind a ham sandwich.

original content optimize

Optimize Your Original Content

Before you publish … stalk your prey. First page ranking on Google is becoming ever

Original Content for websites

Ideas for Original Website Content

Website Content You’ve got the website dialed, your social media is percolating; it’s time to

Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

 Talklaunch amplifies the online footprint for Fortune 500 companies with variable design and marketing to