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Talklaunch’s team of social media professionals seeds online conversation and converts new business – so you don’t have to.

Social Media Marketing & Strategy

The strength in social media marketing is familiarity. Talklaunch believes in making an impact. Every social media platform has it's own rewards and incentives; likes, retweets, comments, and reviews are the digital currency we transform into real world profit.

Your audience has high standards. They expect the brands they patronize to reflect their personalities. Customers take to facebook and twitter for personalized streams of content. If they use your product or service - they want to hear from you. Social media is fundamental to optimize growth in a digitally connected future.

Personal endorsement and word of mouth is the greatest marketing resource a business has. Give your loyal customers content they are confident in sharing with their friends and families.

Dress your best

Talklaunch designs your social media profiles in harmony with your specific brand standards. Consistency is the father of trust.

Find your Voice

Your mission, business culture, and unique positioning statement set the tone for the social conversation. Every social media platform has it's own standards of etiquette. Much like real relationships, adherence to norms established on digital platforms is critical to creating trust with your audience. These friends expect business to be honest, earnest, and fair. They expect to be heard and acknowledged. They love to be entertained. Content and humor season your social media conversations with a patois exceptional to you.

Find your Audience

Determine which social media platforms will best suit your business. Drill down your audience into real life examples. Discover who is leading the conversation in your market and get familiar. Talklaunch conducts extensive research into the influencers for your targeted audience.

Engage & Report

Participation is irrelevant without solid data reporting. Interpreting the underlining context of your campaign is crucial in determining opportunities for growth and conversion. Talklaunch uses scientific analysis to weed out potential problems and optimize for success.

Talklaunch can create exceptional content for your business that resonates with your audience.


A critical component to social media marketing, reputation management ensures you have are available to receive your audience's endorsements. Positive reviews and testimonials are standard due diligence for today's consumers. Make sure you are present accept their praise. Equally important, defend your brand in lieu of a belligerent complaint. Often negative comments are due to a breakdown of communication. Talklaunch opens the communication and replies with care and decency.

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