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Original Content for websites

Ideas for Original Website Content

Website Content You’ve got the website dialed, your social media is percolating; it’s time to deliver the goods. You need a steady stream of original content coming from your site to achieve your inbound marketing

Social Media Reporting - Harts Ortiz

Reporting for Social Media

Success with Social What the hell are we here for? Social media is a place to make money – if you’re reading this, you already know that. Brands that can identify their audience on social

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Social Media Contests

Social Media Contests

Are you ready? You’ve seen them spread throughout your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. If you’re interested in them, you feel compelled ever so slightly to give your mouse a click on that link…it’s tempting.

Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

  Managing multiple instagram accounts is a frustrating chore. It doesn’t have to be. Twitter’s iOS app illustrates how seamless multiple account management can be. Even Google+ is relatively easy to toggle between accounts. When

500px   The Brain by Darius K.

Google Glass and Pay Per Gaze

It’s sleek. It’s chic. It’s as trendy as the latest Hermes bag (Sarah Jessica Parker has been seen with it on, so you know it’s legit) and equally as hard to acquire. Google Glass, the

GB Fish and Chips Alex Stokeld 9

Alex Stokeld

Don’t tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don’t tell them where they know the fish. – Mark Twain DBP Power Stats: Business: GB Fish & Chips Who: Alex Stokeld What: Restraunteur Where: Three Denver Locations

500px   Believe in by Jay Daley

It’s not rocket science – Your Content Stinks.

by Candice P. Cendana When it comes to internet marketing and advertising, businesses are quick to reevaluate their marketing spend based on reports and ROI.  Most agencies won’t tell you how to improve these numbers–they’ll

500px   The Underwater Realm by Benjamin Von Wong

Money-hungry and Media-hungry: How to Spot a Drama Queen

Reputation Management in a Media Rut by Candice P. Cendaña      Oscar De La Hoya was caught in the middle of a media rut when Playboy model Angelica Marie Cecora claimed, “consensual sex turned