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Talklaunch does not regard an audience as consumers to be persuaded, duped, or coerced into products that do not add value to their lives. It does not regard an audience as statistics, but as curious, complex individuals who are looking for some understanding, meaning, and joy in the human experience.

Talklaunch will serve the individual. It will promote professional growth. It will regard individual differences with unconditional positive regard, rather than escalate unwarranted negativity.  It will celebrate the human experience as infinitely novel, rather than dull and routine. It will encourage a sense of active constructive participation, rather than apathetic aloofness.

Talklaunch through engagement, will utilize and promote a free and inclusive internet. Our channels are open to input as well as dissemination. The potentials of engagement will be exploited.

Talklaunch will preserve and transmit the cultural past. It will encourage and broadcast the work of contemporary artists, and provide an audience with an optimistic aesthetic experience, which enriches and gives meaning to the human spirit.

Talklaunch will actively explore, investigate and interpret issues of national and international import. Statements of purpose are only empty words unless there’s a strong commitment, creative focus, and specific strategy to implement them.

The priorities of Talklaunch campaign development are to:

  1. Provide a superior daily product, which is consistent and reflects the highest standards of internet professionalism.
  1. Speak with an intentional voice and pointed dialect.
  1. Nurture a tone of inquiry, curiosity, concern for the quality of life, critical problem solving, life loving, and unconditional positive regard.
  1. The audience should come to rely upon Talklaunch’s clients as a source of information and consequence – making a difference in the attitude of their environment and self reliance.

The audience should feel that the time spent with Talklaunch’s clients was among their most rewarding in media contact.

The art and enjoyment of the internet will be advanced.

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