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Talklaunch was created to birth novelty into the internet. Our team of creatives drives business with reckless positivity, spreading joy to the loyal customers of businesses across the country. We believe your greatest achievements are echoed across the web with every tweet. We are iPhone swordsmen, the destroyers of trolls, prophets of profit, and evangelists of the technological singularity. We venture into the deepest depths of the tao and emerge with content that rattles pocketbooks. We're from the internet, we are here for business.


Ryan Estes

Communications Director

I am a reader of bedtime stories, Brazilian jiu jitsu player, sportsman, volunteer, and friend. Hosting the Denver Business Podcast has revealed that I'm not alone in the pursuit of profit and purpose. Current obsessions include nootropics, fingerstyle blues, and simulation hypothesis. I book speaking engagements on occasion, but I prefer listening engagements. If you are interested in being featured as a guest on our show please email l i v e @ d e n v e r b u s i n e s s p o d c a s t . c o m

Sev Martin

Creative Director

I am a graphic designer & art director by trade, but I love all forms of media. Growing up in Atlanta listening to idols like the Regular Guys, my role as "silent" producer instead of cohost of the DBP is designed to muzzle my inappropriate nature. A board member at MileHighYP.com and creator of ROLE media, I also like to enjoy the hills outside of Denver as often as possible. What? Snow. See ya....


Candice Cendana

Brand Manager

Candice develops long-term strategies for professionals and businesses to secure their reputation as it relates to industry news; she is most passionate about consistent brand and image management, audience engagement and reputation management, but she also has experience with viral, overnight campaigns and crisis management. She serves as a consultant for CBS and NBC television networks.

Jacob Sanders

Brand Manager

I'm a social media wrecking ball. I'm a lover of eye-contact, animals, cruciferous vegetables and the written word. I'm a Grammy nominated musician, producer, sound collage artist, and Taurus. I don't believe in astrology until it works for me. I pump out content like a broken water-main, and I'm thirsty for more. Jake Sanders knows how to connect your polka dots.

Kristin Furjanic

Brand Manager

Kristin is a blogger, social media and travel enthusiast, avid yogi and night owl. She believes in delivering creative content generation, stellar brand management and an astute writing voice. She gathers inspiration from witty banter, life experiences and colorful throw pillows. A member of the American Marketing Association of Colorado, she resides on their Sponsorship Team.

Libbie Holmes


When I’m not behind the camera or my computer, you can find me running (usually for exercise, rarely from something), dancing to the Hall and Oates Pandora station, planning my next vacay, or enjoying a beverage on a patio somewhere.

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  • Ryan is a savvy and efficient tech entrepreneur. His personality fits the part, and when he gets behind you, it\'s on.

    — Kyle Berner Feelgoodz Flip-Flops