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Outch Ointment

Brian and Brandy joined me at my office to discuss Brian’s new product launch. Brian has nearly 20 years of experience as an integrated health practitioner and the grip to prove it. This product is intended to compliment his practice.

I love everything CBD so I was stoked for this interview. Here’s a description of the product from the website:

Outch Ointment combines an ancient Chinese herbal formula with the added power of CBD hemp oil to provide relief for every day muscle aches, arthritis, sports injuries and stiffness.

Made with the highest quality certified Chinese herbs and CBD from european hemp stalk, OUTCH ingredients are extracted using Co2 Technology to keep the healing properties of the herbs intact, pure and concentrated.

S/O Brandy Whalen . Thanks for scheduling the episode.

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  • Launch June 2017
    • Salve – $27
    • Roll-on – $31
  • Finance
    • Personally funded – $14K for first product run
    • Projecting $50K in sales for first 12 months
  • Based in Denver, CO
    • B2C – eCommerce
    • B2B – Eastern medicine, Chiropractic, Massage clinics

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