VR for Virtual Realtor

Pascal Wagner

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Pascal’s words:

I bought my first 4 rental properties site-unseen, in different states, all from looking at photos online and running financial spreadsheets.

Finding the right properties to invest in, let alone have people live in by just looking at photos was pretty difficult and I never had a full grasp of understanding how the home was put together or even how big it really was (especially because the photos totally misconstrued what each home actually looked like).

To solve these problems, at Walkthrough we’re building virtual reality tech that helps home buyers interact and feel as if they are actually in the home by walking through them virtually and eliminating the time and money associated with commuting to properties.

We’re building what I wish I had when I bought my first few properties.

This is our first version of how we envision everyone will be looking for their next place to live within the next few years:

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