Five Apps to Enhance Your Instagram
Five Apps to Enhance Your Instagram

Five Apps to Enhance Your Instagram

by Danny Mack, October 6, 2015

Instagram currently has 400 million active users, surpassing Twitter by nearly 100 million users. The Instagram community shares over 80 million photographs every day. Taking visually appealing photos is the first step to a great Instagram. Many users find the Instagram photo editing feature to be insufficient. If you are looking for a photo editing app to enhance your pictures, use this guide and look no further.


Snapseed is incredibly easy to use. This app offers 14 filters; however, in my time using Snapseed I haven’t found it necessary to use a filter. The app’s “Tune Image” and “Details” features allow you to transform average photos into professional looking photos by adjusting the brightness, ambiance, shadows, structure and many other aspects. It also allows you to select specific parts of photographs and adjust accordingly, as well as use a brush tool to be more precise in your editing. This app has turned into my go-to photo editing app for Instagram photos, slightly beating out VSCO Cam due to a more user-friendly interface. If you are interested in learning more about Snapseed has a great tutorial.



VSCO Cam is arguably the most popular photo editing app. It allows for in-app-purchases of additional filters; however, there are a number of free ones as well. Although it may not be as user friendly as Snapseed, the results that can be created from VSCO Cam are second to none. VSCO Cam isn’t just a photo editing program. It aims to create a social environment around their app by allowing users to follow creatives like themselves. You are then able to see the pictures they have published to their feed. However, your photos are not stuck in the app. You are free to export them to your camera roll and Instagram. All of the editing features in VSCO Cam are represented by little symbols. I found that this makes the app somewhat difficult to get used to and navigate. Overall this app provides great results with a bit of a learning curve. The more serious iPhone photographer will find this app incredibly useful, but it does lack some of the more fun features you will see in some of the other apps.



Photo Editor by Aviary:

This app is the most inclusive on the list. Recently acquired by Adobe, it allows you to sync your Creative Cloud account with the app for free. It has a lot of auto features that enhance your photos with the push of a button. For example, you can select whether the photo is of food, scenery or a portrait and the app will adjust the photo accordingly, making it a great tool for quick editing. You can make a meme, add “stickers” or clipart to a photo to make it more fun. On top of these enjoyable features, it also has everything a more serious photographer would want in a photo editing app. The ability to crop, adjust focus, sharpness and lighting are just a few. The app’s labels are easy to follow and include both text and graphics.




PicLab is an enjoyable app to use.  This app is perfect for an Instagram account that is focused on making your images more fun. It does offer basic editing such as contrast, temperature and saturation; however, where the app excels is in its stickers and overlay features. This app has predetermined stickers which you can add to your photo per your liking. It also has neat borders, textures and shapes that you can add to create a more character. PicLab also allows you to create collages. One flaw with the free version of this app is that you cannot get rid of the watermark in the lower right of the photo unless you pay.



Rookie Cam:

Like many of the other photo apps on this list, Rookie Cam offers pre-set filters you can use to change the dynamic of your images. If you do not see a filter that you like, you are given the option to purchase more filters. However, you will be hard pressed to find a filter that you do not like. The app is loaded with filters and has over 30 textures for you to choose from. It also gives you the option to add text, shapes and little pieces of art. Along with these features, it offers many photo editing tools such as hue and saturation adjustments, along with clarity and vibrance. Like VSCO, it can be difficult to navigate. Their labels are images rather than words. I found myself clicking on a picture thinking it was a certain feature, but turning out to be a different one. Like anything, it will take time to get the hang of. Check out some of the photos edited with this app using #rookiecam on Instagram.


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