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How to be a LinkedIn ‘All-Star’

by Kristin Furjanic, January 10, 2014

LinkedIn will become the most important publisher

Imagine a publication with more than 100 million captive readers and writers, such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson, all natively hooked into and targeted to a social network. LinkedIn will become a premium destination for industry news, and you need to take part in that ecosystem early and often. Publish original content, network among peers in groups and raise your profile now. – Trevor Sumner, Mashable January 2014


Presence on the web is HUGE these days, but in a job search? It’s crucial. A lot of people are hesitant to post their credentials online because they lump LinkedIn with the general mass of social media. It may be intimidating, and while it’s still absolutely a form of social media, it is specifically geared towards networking professionals. Know that when you present yourself mindfully and with purpose, it will benefit you more often than not. Get ready to re-vamp! I’m taking you back to the basics, for a little post-holiday polish of your LinkedIn profile.

Build Face Value

1. Create a profile to completion. LinkedIn will show you how compete your profile is by providing you with an exact percentage. Not filling in the details is a guarantee that your profile will not rank high in LinkedIn Search.

2. Complete your summary. Make your LinkedIn profile summary section thorough, but easy to read.

3. Select the appropriate industry. What position(s) are you applying for? What companies or networks are you looking to connect with? Ask yourself these questions before making a selection.

4. Allow your profile to showcase certain aspects of your personality. People are also looking to get a glimpse of YOU, not just your job history.

5. Last, but definitely not least, add a photo! People want to see your pretty face. You don’t necessarily need a formal shot, but you should appear as a professional.

Boost the Buzz

1. Use KEYWORDS in your headline, summary and job description(s). These keywords should be relevant to your industry, or industry-specific.

2. Be Linkable – Include a link back to your website or your company’s website in your information. Upon set-up, do a few click-throughs  to ensure that all of the links work properly. This will help you in the long run.

3. Following specific company pages is another way to showcase your interests; it will also keep you in the loop on recent company updates or promotions, relevant articles and general industry news.

Own Your Experience 

1. Complete your profile. Yes, I said it once and I’ll say it again. This will allow you to get the most out of your free account, and will also put you on the screens of future colleagues, connections and business partners everywhere.

2. Convey successes, not just responsibilities. Distinguish yourself. You are a unique individual with a lot to offer!

3. Add multiple (current and previous) jobs. You worked retail in high school and IT in college? Great! That tells employers that you’ve got a variety of SKILLS.

4. Speak in 1st Person. While you would never use it on a resume or in a cover letter (only sparingly), it is fine to use “I” on LinkedIn.

Success by Association

1. Don’t be afraid, be proactive! Recommendations and endorsements are clutch! When people recommend you, their words appear in your profile and are commonly searched by recruiting sourcers  and hiring managers. Also, follow the golden rule: do unto others as you would have done to you. AKA: Don’t hesitate to return the favor.

2. Join Groups! By joining prominent industry, professional and skill-set based groups, you can subtly ‘toot your own horn’ without blowing too hard; its simply suggests “This is the professional that I am, even without a job.” Also, you can adjust your settings to pick and choose groups, and show more or less of them in your profile.

3. Both 1 & 2 will give you and your profile more credibility. Network away!

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