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Ideas for Original Website Content

by Ryan Estes, December 24, 2013

Website Content

You’ve got the website dialed, your social media is percolating; it’s time to deliver the goods. You need a steady stream of original content coming from your site to achieve your inbound marketing goals. Content for the internet is tricky. It’s got to be informative and professional, and simultaneously fun and engaging. People need to consume your content and be compelled to share it. It’s a tall order. We have pulled together a list of different ideas for original content, and organized them in tiers. Tier 1  content equals roughly 4 hours of prep and execution, Tier 2 equals 8+ hours, Tier 3 equals 12 or more hours. If you’re new, start small and build up.

Tier 1 Original Content

Plan on spending about a half day on Tier 1 original content. Words, forms, apps, and images are in your toolbox. Keep an eye on the symmetry of the post and respect the attention span of your audience.


Pull together several different sources to create an original perspective on a particular topic.

Events listing

Compile a list of relevant events listing.


Poll your audience with a list of engaging questions and publish the results.

3rd party apps

Check out Bedloo, Storify, and Timeline JS.


Best of, worst of; everyone loves lists.

In response

Preface a relevant article with an opinion.

Comments/ testimonials

Use screenshots to aggregate good comments and testimonials. Tag the authors in the post.

Important dates in history

Add historical content to your content strategy


Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and cocktails. People want to know what you are (or should be) eating.

Successful social media posts

When your post goes viral, share the numbers.

Handwritten post published it by taking a photo

Ransom note style.

List of people to follow

Create a resource of your favorite influencers for your favorite influencers.

Tier 2 Original Content

At least a day of your time will be spent piecing together tier 2 original content. You should introduce original thought and creative analysis. You should have technical mastery over the apps and  software you are using in your post.

Change management

Highlight tactics to incorporate new tools into your audience’s work flow.


Use screen capture apps to demonstrate techniques or features of your favorite software.


Share resources.

Vendor spotlight

Spread kudos around to the folks that make your job easier.

How to

Use photography or video in tutorials.

Bucket list

How is this product or service contributing to a fulfilled life?

Common mistakes

Help your audience empathize with your failures.


Spread novelty, positivity, and joy.

Gift ideas

Dig deep; get to know your audience by the products that define them.


Invite your audience in; introduce them to your staff.


Wield your authority.


What you think is good, why you think is better.

Photo blog

Give the words a break and document with pics.


Lead the conversation.

Gif dump

Create a narrative using gifs and captions.


Stand on the shoulders of giants.


Let’em have it.


Focus on your mission and channel your inner Oprah.


Rally your base and create urgency. Inspire action.

Conspiracy theory

Put on your tinfoil hat and speculate rampantly.

Case study

Demonstrate a problem and deliver a solution.

Traffic numbers

Publish your data.

Bust a myth

With propane and propane accessories where possible.


Everyone likes a winner.


But everyone loves a failure. The more epic the better.

Unknown facts

Remind your audience why they should care. Reveal some hidden gems.

Marketing secrets

Describe what’s working for you and why it’s unique.

Bad habits

What is the difference between what you’re doing and what you should be doing.

Online courses/e-books

Teach, create, publish, repeat.

App review

What is the new mobile app you can’t live without?

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Tier 3 Original Content

Several days of work (or more) go into tier 3 original content. You will most likely use a team of individuals to execute the post.

Photo shoot

Head-shots, candids, b roll, commercials, and more. Tell your story with pictures. Edit to flavor.

Hype beast

Seed your events with social media experts to create real-time buzz with pics, video, and hashtag moderation.


Record your conversations and transcribe where you can.

Event support

Schedule photography and video or photograph the videographer. Document everything.

White paper

Publish a focused white paper using charts and graphs as incentive for a conversion.

Travel support

Trade-show, guest speaking, product tours – travel and stream your adventures in realtime.


Use third party apps to build an interactive map.


Interviews, reviews, commercials, sketch – produce a video for Youtube and Vimeo.

Contest/ giveaway

Create return traffic by conducting a contest or giveaway.


Use data and design elements to visualize information in creative ways.

Voiceover – Read aloud

Read and record published works.


Write and record a tune, beat, or jingle.

As a general rule 300 – 800 words is a good target for your posts – the media that accompanies your copy is determined by budget and scope. Be sure to link to the appropriate resources, and give everyone a shout-out on social.


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