Product Service Feature for Studio Webware

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Video Advertising for the Internet

Today we published a new video feature for our client Studio Webware. Studio Designer is the premier online project management and accounting application for Interior Design Professionals. Best of all, it’s accessible from any computer, anywhere, anytime.Studio Projects is a tool that allows you to share Design Project information with your clients anywhere, anytime. Your clients can interactively select to view items by room, status, proposal or invoice and make notes on each item. Your clients can also approve proposals and make payments with a click of the mouse.

The end result? A bright, exciting, informative, and engaging video teaser – I couldn’t be more pleased. Shout out to the creative team on this one: Sev Martin, Libbie HolmesIain Patterson, C. Vincent Plummer, Jason Wagner, Heidi Estes, and Christine Wilson. Nailed it!