FirePower + Sub.Mission

by Ryan Estes, July 2, 2012

FirePower is the brainchild of Jennifer Levine.  A cross-media artistic explosion of a dozen plus Denver artists.  Talklaunch is a proud media sponsor. (click here for previous event coverage)  Saturday June 30th marked FirePower’s 4th production in a little under a year.  Cassleman’s in Denver hosted the event, and a partnership award winning promoters Sub.Mission delivered the music; “A History of Dub-Step”.  The night was a stunning success w/ attendance tipping 400+ dancing and drinking revelers bedazzled by the evening’s entertainment: live glass blowing, aerial fabric trapeze, live tattoo, body paint, live airbrush, massage, dj’s, go-go, art  installations, fashion vendors, and other awe inspiring feats.

Skip around our live-stream coverage of the evening to get a feel for the event.  Follow @talklaunch on twitter for breaking information on the next FirePower event.

aerial fabric trapeze

Video streaming by Ustreamlive tattoo

Video streaming by Ustreamlive glass blowing

Video streaming by Ustreamlive body paint

Video streaming by Ustreamlive glass blowing

Video streaming by Ustreamlive airbrush

Video streaming by Ustream


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