Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking

Friday, June 15th 2012 was a warm sunny day in Denver, Colorado.

The Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking hosted a benefit concert at Jake’s. Talklaunch was on hand to document and promote the event. (Estes also performed a brief set) “LCHT is committed to evidence-based research efforts grounded upon objective, verifiable, reliable and replicable data.” To paraphrase, they are social scientists; their work helps the most exploited members of our community: sex workers and migratory workers. Collectively they are passionate, fiercely intelligent and caring. Wonderful people.

Leading up to the event we recorded a podcast. Meagan Morris described some of the work LCHT does. Scroll down to hear musical sets from the musician’s who volunteered their time for the cause.


Ryan Estes

Video streaming by Ustream
C.Vincent Plummer

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The Marrow

Video streaming by Ustream

Shoutout to Cowboy Sound who had the stage sounding sweet.