Highlighting Website Strengths and Addressing Challenges: Case Study

by Ryan Estes, March 6, 2012
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Talklaunch: Case Study

Talklaunch client, Arvada West Decorating and Flooring remodels residential properties North-West of Denver, Colorado.  They make homes beautiful.  They needed was a website that allowed their accomplishments to shine.  The result is arvadafloor.com.  This post will illustrate the strengths of the site and the challenges we took to overcome.

To build the website we addressed specific challenges, unique to their industry.  The first question: ‘Who is your customer?’  Owner, Matt Vagts identified his customer as 90% female.  Women are present for the opening estimate, and they’re there when the work is done.  According to Matt, accountability and relationships are his strongest selling points.

My competition is a guy in a van.  That guy will work for nothing; he can beat our price but he can’t stand behind his work.  Plus, you never know who’s walking in your door… could be dangerous.

Our objectives for the site:

  • Set an expectation of excellence.
  • Express a family-friendly feeling.
  • Create a base for a comprehensive web presence. (Videos, Reviews, Social, SEO, PPC)
I have highlighted some key points with the fancy red ribbon.  Follow along:
[dropcap2]A[/dropcap2]  The opening image on the site is Matt and his family.  Matt is the third generation of flooring retailers in his family.  He’s got a flooring pedigree, that bodes well for his accountability.  For Matt to close the greatest volume of deals, the prospect needs to get comfortable with him as soon as possible.  Using his likeness we narrow the trust gap.  We use his picture and shoot videos to facilitate those ends.

 [dropcap2]B[/dropcap2]  We list the ‘Services’ in the menu, secondary to the ‘Blog’ and the ‘Testimonials’.  Again, our first sale, is Matt.

[dropcap2]C[/dropcap2]  Quick phone and proximity reference.

[dropcap2]D[/dropcap2] Prominent links to press and social media channels.

 [dropcap2]E[/dropcap2]  Introductory ‘Service’ features.  Read More for additional depth.

[dropcap2]F[/dropcap2]  Further introduction of Matt and the staff.

[dropcap2]G[/dropcap2]  Call to action.  A prospect can set an appointment on the front page.  The front page is designed to give the prospect all the tools they need to control the progress of their project.  The prospect decides when an appointment is convenient to their schedule.

[dropcap2]H[/dropcap2]  Featured YouTube video of the month.

[dropcap2]I[/dropcap2]  We added a ‘Contractors’ page to introduce the prospects to the men that will be in their home, performing the work.  Arvada West Decorating and Flooring works like this.
The prospect sets an appointment for measure and estimate. > Matt measures their home. > Matt assigns the prospect a contractor. > The contractor completes the home remodel.
On a large job there could be five or more men in the prospect’s home.  From arvadafloor.com the prospect can get a feel for all of them before they ever set foot in the door.

[dropcap2]J[/dropcap2]  Quick links to social media.  Our web presence intentionally meets the prospect on the platform they are most comfortable. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, Yelp, Fourquare or Tumblr.  We are there to do business.

[dropcap2]K[/dropcap2]  Arvada West Decorating and Flooring’s top lead generator comes from Service Magic.  We feature them prominently.

[dropcap2]L[/dropcap2]  We ask every customer for a testimonial or review.  We post those there.  There is no stronger referral then that of your neighbor.

[dropcap2]M[/dropcap2]  We added contact and email capture to the bottom of every service page.  We don’t want to waste any clicks when the prospect is ready to move.


Talklaunch Case Study Website

‘Contractors’ page from the menu.

talklaunch website design denver

‘Testimonial’ page from the website.

Arvada West Decorating and Flooring Website

‘Kitchen & Bath’ page from the ‘Services’ dropdown.

Arvada West Decorating and Flooring Website Remodel

Back End Info:

Blue Host > WordPress > Theme Forrest > Theme

Plug-ins: YoastGreg’s High Performance SEODisqus Comment System

Additional Case Studies here:







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