Converting Sales With Social Media: Case Study

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Talklaunch: Case Study

We recently took the reigns of Studio Webware’s social media efforts.

Studio Webware contracted Talklaunch to:

  1. Boost their social reach
  2. Engage and convert new customers
  3. Manage the daily updates, posts, and conversations

We claimed and created their profiles:

  1. facebook
  2. twitter
  3. pinterest
  4. google+
  5. mailchimp
  6. tumblr
  8. + more

Due to our efforts we saw a dramatic surge in activity very quickly:


social media conversion new customer


This screenshot illustrates the sequence and success of our social media campaigns:

  1. Create an ‘ideal customer’ profile and reach out to them
  2. Engage the customer where they are most comfortable
  3. Deliver the highly qualified lead

I get charged everytime I see this sales cycle unfold.  It’s a beautiful thing.

I’d love to talk about collaborating with your business.  We are prepared for new clients.

Talklaunch delivers new customers with social media.  Learn more here.