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Outline: Social Media for Business

by Ryan Estes, February 3, 2012

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Engaging Social Media

Create a dynamic Internet experience to attract new business.

Exactly what we do:


We want to learn what has made your business successful and apply your expertise to our campaign.
Create and brand profiles
  • Add targeted followers + friends.
  • Custom Facebook page, Twitter, Yelp, Youtube, Foursquare, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn.
  • Email campaign (Mailchimp).
Develop tags + keywords
  • How will they find us? How will they find you
  • Discovery: Keyword Research.
  • Determine target audience. (demographic study)
Competitor Analysis
  • Attract their followers.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop relationships.
Write 50 drafts of potential updates, submitted for approval.
  • You approve content.
  • You approve the tone, tenor, + frequency.
  • You can be involved to the degree of your comfort.
Posting schedule
  • Content strategy.
  • Build upon engagement and interaction.
  • Create momentum.


Create or Re-brand Profiles

Including copy, graphics, + layout.
  • Landing page
  • Contest
  • Promotion
  • Lists
  • Integration (apps)
  • Tools
  • Content
  • Re-blog
  • Backlink
  • Check-in incentives
  • Profile claim
  • Outreach
Google+/ Google Maps
  • Brand page
  • Contest
  • Promotion
Groupon, Living Social, + Deep discount coupon sites.
  • Determine need (I don’t encourage)
  • Manage
  • Report


Publish Updates

Updates optimized to expand social reach with natural conversation.

  • Capitalize on trends to maximize sharing.
  • Publish appropriate third party content + re-publish popular content.
  • Match tone of particular platform.

Types of Posts


  • Enthusiastic
  • Informative
  • Reflective
Listen and Engage
  • Call to Action
  • Links
  • Tracking
  • Seasonal
  • Sweepstakes
  • Limited time offer
  • Google alerts
  • Current events
  • Editorials
  • Quick
  • Follow up
  • Review
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Historical
  • News
  • Comedy
  • Cute
  • Clever
  • Old posts
  • Other sites
  • Achievements
Surveys + Polls
  • Feedback
  • Silly
  • Pop culture
  • General
  • Specific
  • Collaborative
Call to action
  • Contests, Registration
  • Links
  • Re-posts


Reputation Management

  • Your front line to address customer service issues.
  • Encourage + Incentivize positive review.

Monitor reviews and react appropriately

Thank yous, Follow ups, Response, Conclusion
  • Yelp
  • Foursquare
  • Wikipedia
  • Google Maps


Cloud access

  • All posts
  • Reactions
  • Deliver highlights from social media.
  • New followers
  • Shares, Retweets, Likes
  • Monitoring Metrics
  • Sharing, Trends
  • Submissions
  • Collect testimonials
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