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Screw 2012 Resolutions and Break Apart your Boundaries

by Katrina Pfannkuch, January 5, 2012
Photo by Broken Glass

Photo by Broken Glass

By: Katrina Pfannkuch

With the new energy of 2012 setting ambitions on fire, what do you have cookin’, simmerin’ or brewin’? Nothing new to focus on just yet? That is more than OK, in fact, it’s PERFECT! Screw 2012 resolutions!

So many people get swept up in the energy of having to create and build something new as the next year rolls in, but don’t put any thought or heart into what they really want. So concerned about what everyone else is “improving”, they barely consider their choices and often select very superficial, task oriented resolutions that require external physical action instead of introspection.

When you consider the new year in a symbolic sense, it gives you a reason to take pause, to dig in deep to hone in on our new desires based on what we have learned and assimilated. Whether or not you have chronicled your changes with loving diligence, you HAVE changed. You just may not always be willing to let go of what no longer serves you personally or professionally to embrace the change that’s already occurred.

For me, 2011 was a year of getting clear on my range of talents and how to use them, and to step out from behind the safety of the writer bubble. That required a series of various introspective inner dialogues that were not always smooth, and often brought up painful choices I wasn’t quite ready to deal with just yet. It also involved me being willing to admit I was so much more than I was giving myself credit for, and standing in my own way by thinking one-dimensionally, cuddled in “safe choices”.

The real power in resolutions is not how many you make, but if they really, truly support your soul in a direction that brings you inner peace and happiness. That might mean finally admitting your job sucks so much out of you it’s time to move on, even if the prospects elsewhere look grim. It’s about taking a leap with your new idea for your company, even if nothing but crickets greet you on the other side. It’s about taking on the big idea and giving in the love, light and nourishment it requires to succeed, even if it has the potential to fall flat.

True bravery is trying without the purchase of a warranty. And that is what scares us the most.

So what did you learn about yourself last year? What are you willing to release? How do you plan to stretch, grow and challenge yourself moving forward in all aspects of your life – from your personal relationships to your professional growth?

Most importantly, are you willing to really sit back, get connected and dig into the truth of who you are to embrace a path in 2012 that truly serves you?